Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to recognize the impact our own feelings have on ourselves and to tune into the feelings of those around us, to manage our emotions and our actions, and to interact skillfully with the people around us.

Those who lead with Emotional Intelligence are better equipped to inspire and mobilize others towards making a positive impact in the world.

To move from theory to practice, we use an evidence-based framework of EI: The Emotional and Social Intelligence Leadership Competency Model, developed by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis. The balance of Emotional Self-Awareness and meaningful Relationship Management results in a dynamic process of behavioral change and transformation.

The ROI of Emotional Intelligence

The ROI of Emotional Intelligence

Czarina Carden / 2 min.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Bryant Johnson / 5 min.
Bryant Johnson at Work

The Vernacular of Compassion

Bryant Johnson / 2 min.

True Compassion Takes Action

Belinda Chiu / 3 min.

Stories that Change the Status Quo

Tessa Menatian / 3 min.

Compassion Takes Guts

Belinda Chiu / 4 min.

Give Negative Feedback with Empathy

Daniel Goleman / 3 min.

Brain’s Blind Spots

Belinda Chiu / 4 min.

Organizational Awareness in Action

George Pitagorsky / 3 min.
team norms

Team Norms and Emotional Intelligence

Vanessa Druskat / 3 min.

Engaging the Whole Person at Work

Victor Morrison / 4 min.

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