Skillful Leadership is the difference between a meaningful professional life, and one that misses the mark in effectiveness, impact, and fulfillment.

Extraordinary Leadership starts from the inside out.

We seek to ignite personal agency in leaders at any level and any point in their careers to be able to effect the greatest positive impact on themselves, others, and the environments they create.

This model of leadership does not focus on hierarchical or traditional models of leadership and control. We understand that everyone has an impact and we promote leaders who lead from their values and have a stake in The Greater Good. We seek to promote a new kind of leader by emphasizing self-awareness and focus, fostered by contemplative and application-based practice.

The ROI of Emotional Intelligence

The ROI of Emotional Intelligence

Czarina Carden / 2 min.

Stories that Change the Status Quo

Tessa Menatian / 3 min.

Give Negative Feedback with Empathy

Daniel Goleman / 3 min.

Organizational Awareness in Action

George Pitagorsky / 3 min.
team norms

Team Norms and Emotional Intelligence

Vanessa Druskat / 3 min.

Engaging the Whole Person at Work

Victor Morrison / 4 min.

How Self-Aware Are You As a Leader?

George Kohlrieser / 3 min.

Want to Inspire? First, Develop Trust

George Kohlrieser / 4 min.

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