Mindfulness is a term with variable definitions, at the heart of which is a way of being that guides our approach to leadership with Emotional Intelligence. We often prefer the term “mindful awareness” since awareness is the true foundation for activating personal agency.

Mindful Awareness is recognizing our experience as it unfolds in the present moment.

It is both the conscious directing of one’s attention as well as the underlying attitude, character, and intent with which we do so. With practice and training, we can cultivate the ability to direct our focus, respond in a more witting, thoughtful manner, and move through our lives with greater efficacy, purpose and ease.

True Compassion Takes Action

Belinda Chiu / 3 min.

Compassion Takes Guts

Belinda Chiu / 4 min.

Brain’s Blind Spots

Belinda Chiu / 4 min.
explain mindfulness

How Do You Explain Mindfulness?

Key Step Media / 2 min.
How would you define mindfulness?

How would you define mindfulness?

Key Step Media / < 1 min.
Mindfulness isn't a quick fix; it takes plenty of practice.

Mindfulness is Not a Panacea

Key Step Media / 3 min.
Think of your mind as a muscle: You need to keep it in great shape.

Flex Your Mental Muscle

Key Step Media / 2 min.

What Makes a Good Mindfulness Coach?

Key Step Media / 2 min.

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