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Authentic Leadership with Bill George and Daniel Goleman


Format: Streaming Video
Streaming Video

Authentic Leadership

In Authentic Leadership, Daniel Goleman, bestselling author of Emotional Intelligence and Focus, and Bill George, senior fellow at Harvard Business School and former Medtronic CEO, explain the authentic style of leadership - how leaders can motivate and drive performance through understanding and mastery of the self and connecting with the passion of others. This hour-long video includes six sections:

  • Authentic Leadership
  • The Inner Work Of Leaders
  • Leading with Ethics
  • Feeling The Mission
  • Today's Leaders
  • Spotting Authenticity

Authentic Leadership Excerpts

Identifying Authenticity During an Interview

Inner Work for Authenticity

Leadership: A Master Class is Daniel Goleman's comprehensive video series that examines the best practices of top-performing executives, and offers practical guidance for developing emotional intelligence competencies. The eight-part video collection includes more than eight hours of valuable industry expertise, research findings, and case studies through in-depth interviews with respected leaders in executive management, organizational research, workplace psychology, negotiation, and senior hiring.

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Attune: The Role of Focus in Authentic Leadership is a 40-minute streaming conversation between Daniel Goleman and Bill George about the three kinds of focus that are essential for enhancing your ability to give feedback, motivate people, and respond to changing situations in your environment.


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Format: Streaming Video
Streaming Video