Attune: The Role of Focus in Authentic Leadership with Bill George and Daniel Goleman


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Reading glasses work well when you're reading a book, but don't try to drive across town wearing them. To do that, you need glasses that can change focus. The same is true with leadership. You need a different kind of focus to manage yourself, others, and the greater systems around you.

Attune: The Role of Focus in Authentic Leadership is a 40-minute streaming conversation between Daniel Goleman and Bill George about the three kinds of focus that are essential for enhancing your ability to give feedback, motivate people, and respond to changing situations in your environment.

Focus and Authentic Leadership

Their discussion draws on examples from their own careers and those of business and world leaders, and highlights the benefits of developing each type of focus.

Why inner focus? Self-awareness allows leaders to manage their inner world.

Why other focus? Developing empathy helps leaders build effective relationships and interactions.

Why outer focus? Awareness of larger systems helps leaders choose effective strategies.

Topics covered include:

Learn the three types of empathy

Find your leadership blind spots

Giving and receiving feedback

Handling the heat in crucible moments

Understand the dangers of groupthink

“Many leaders I know are too externally focused. Internally they're a mess. They don't take time to get clarity about what it is they're trying to do and who they are.” - Bill George

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Format: Audio Download, Streaming Video
Audio Download, Streaming Video