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In Transform: Habits of Superior Managers, Daniel Goleman asked Teresa Amabile, Howard Gardner and Daniel Siegel: what are the key traits that differentiate top executives? Their respective research looks at the psychology of innovative, ethical and emotionally intelligent leaders.

All texts are adapted from our Leadership: A Master Class video series.

About Leadership: A Master Class

Leadership: A Master Class is Daniel Goleman's comprehensive video series that examines the best practices of top-performing executives, and offers practical guidance for developing emotional intelligence competencies. The eight-part video collection includes more than eight hours of research findings, case studies and valuable industry expertise through in-depth interviews with respected leaders in executive management, organizational research, workplace psychology, negotiation and senior hiring.

About Leadership: A Master Class Training Guide

More Than Sound partnered with HRD Press to develop an extensive, detailed training guide around the video content for human resources professionals, senior managers and executive coaches. Each module offers individual and group exercises, self-assessments, discussion guides, review of major points, and key actionable takeaway plans. The materials allow for instructor-led, self-study or online learning opportunities.

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