Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress


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Relax: 6 Techniques to Lower Your Stress

Chronic stress can disrupt almost all of your body's processes and is a factor in heart disease, sleep issues, digestive complications, fatigue, depression, anxiety, and obesity. Daniel Goleman, Harvard-trained psychologist and author of Emotional Intelligence, developed Relax, a 45-minute audio program to help listeners effectively and naturally reduce stress.

Recognizing there is no one universal path to stress relief, Dr. Goleman's guided session offers several exercises to suit a variety of personal preferences:

  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Deep muscle relaxation techniques
  • Guided auto suggestion exercises
  • Relaxation countdown
  • Breath focus and tension release techniques
  • Breath count exercises

“There's no shortage of stressors in our lives: money, jobs (or lack thereof), health issues, strained relationships and grim news reports from around the world,” says Daniel Goleman. “Our system isn't programmed to be in constant fight or flight mode. The body needs regular periods of rest and relaxation. These easy-to-use techniques can help you balance your nervous system, feel more relaxed, and better cope with life's stressful challenges.”

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