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Brainpower: Mindsight and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership is four sessions of downloadable audio with Daniel Goleman and Daniel Siegel. This series provides leaders, executive coaches, management consultants, and HR professionals with a science basis for their leadership development work. The audio content is a recording of Dr. Goleman and Dr. Siegel's live webcast series broadcast in February 2016.

The four Brainpower chapters include:
Chapter 1: Brainpower: Harness the Power of Self-Awareness
Chapter 2: Brainpower: Manage Your Emotions
Chapter 3: Brainpower: Lead With Empathy
Chapter 4: Brainpower: Build Resonant Leadership

About The Brainpower Series

Brainpower: Harness the Power of Self-Awareness

Brainpower: Harness the Power of Self-Awareness introduces the brain science behind Mindsight and emotional intelligence and explores ways leaders can use self-awareness as a building block for professional development.

Centering on real-life leadership applications, Goleman

Siegel draws on the science of brain research to help leaders

Brainpower: Manage Your Emotions

Brainpower: Manage Your Emotions examines the brain science behind the self-regulation component of emotional intelligence and explores the integrated perspective of Mindsight.

Goleman uses examples from organizational leadership situations to

  • Explain the brain states behind out-of-control emotions
  • Describe five competencies for self-management
  • Analyze the components of optimal performance

Siegel explains how understanding brain science can help leaders

  • Learn ways to change their brains
  • Shift their perception to improve organizational performance
  • Guide their organization toward a Mindsight culture

Brainpower: Lead With Empathy

Brainpower: Lead With Empathy describes the brain science behind empathy, a key component of emotional intelligence and Mindsight.

With examples from the day-to-day work of leaders, Goleman

Siegel's explanation of brain science helps leaders

  • Develop secure-based leadership
  • Cultivate compassion
  • Create integrated relationships

Brainpower: Build Resonant Leadership

Brainpower: Build Resonant Leadership integrates the skills of emotional intelligence and Mindsight to develop a systems perspective and resonant leadership.

Based on his work with organizational leaders, Goleman

  • Describes styles of resonant leadership
  • Builds a vision for sustainable 21st century organizations
  • Articulates skills needed for systems-level awareness

Siegel gives practical advice based on brain science to help leaders

  • Develop Mindsight using the Wheel of Awareness
  • Move from chaos and rigidity to an integrated state
  • Activate five qualities of leadership for optimally functioning organizations

"This series is groundbreaking. It's the first time there's been a systemic survey of how the brain impacts performance in effective leadership. Our discussion is designed to help trainers, consultants, coaches, and educators use neuroscience in a new diagnostic for leadership development.” - Daniel Goleman


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Corporate viewing licenses are available for five or more participants. Contact store@morethansound.net for more information.

About the Brainpower Presenters

Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., is an internationally known psychologist who lectures frequently to professional groups, business audiences, and on college campuses. As a science journalist Goleman reported on the brain and behavioral sciences for The New York Times for many years. He currently co-directs the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations at Rutgers

Dr. Dan Siegel is a clinical professor of psychiatry at UCLA, faculty member of the Center for Culture, Brain, and Development, and Executive Director of the Mindsight Institute. He serves as Medical Director of the LifeSpan Learning Institute, and on the Advisory Board at the Blue School in NYC, which has based its curriculum around Siegel's Mindsight approach. He is founding co-director of the Mindful Awareness Research Center and a Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.


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Format: Audio Download
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