Navigating Bias in Corporate America with Britna Bennett

Bias in Corporate America

S2E13 Navigating Bias in Corporate America with Britna Bennett

December 15, 2021

For the last act in our series on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, we hear from Britna Bennett who shares the challenges she has faced as a Black woman, first-generation immigrant, and first generation college graduate navigating discrimination in corporate America. She also shares the importance of finding internal champions who will go up to bat for underrepresented employees and emphasizes the need for finding a workplace that authentically celebrates your identity and fosters psychological safety.

Our Guests

Britna Bennett

Britna is a Black woman, first generation American, descendant of Jamaican parents and Afro-Caribbean ancestors, first generation college graduate, and is the first generation to navigate work life in corporate America.

Britna is currently a Consulting and Marketing Associate at The Cee Suite and has a background in various sectors and disciplines, including omnichannel marketing, nonprofit programming, coaching, and facilitation. During the early part of her career as a National Campaign Manager for Macy’s corporate, Britna began to discover her passion for mentorship and DEI and took on leadership opportunities that allowed her to fuel her commitment to these areas.

She has since gone on to work with several nonprofits as a marketing consultant and program and development lead. Britna most recently worked as a career specialist for first-generation students who identify as BIPOC and attend various City Universities of New York.

Rooted in her mission to partner with individuals in their journey to unlock the best version of themselves, Britna is also a certified coach, not only supporting her clients in their careers but also in gaining clarity in life and health.

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