Dancing With Capitalism Pt 3 | Co-op Alternatives

Capitalism Pt 3

S2E10 Dancing With Capitalism Pt 3 | Co-op Alternatives

November 23, 2021

What can co-ops teach us about how to live and work outside of the capitalistic structure? Two Western-Massachusetts based Co-op Worker/ Owners Ruthy Woodring and Trenda Loftin reflect on how cooperatives and community-based initiatives can massively reframe the structures of capitalism to support social justice, housing equality, economic opportunity, and human dignity.

Our Guests

Ruthy Woodring

Ruthy has been hauling trash by bicycle as part of Pedal People Cooperative for the past 19 years, in Northampton, MA. She dreamed of being a professional athlete and evangelist as a kid, and you could say those dreams came true – the sport is the biathlon (biking n trash slinging), and the message is car-freedom.

Trenda Loftin

Trenda Loftin (she/her) is a social justice consultant, theatre artist, worker-owner of The Compost Cooperative, and Realtor with Coldwell Banker Community Realtors. She works closely with theatre companies, organizations, and individuals to address inequity within programs, practices, and policies, utilizing interactive and creative approaches. Trenda recognizes the importance of cultivating home spaces- not just as spaces for living, but for dreaming and co-creating. Her real estate and consulting work is anchored in seeking ways to increase access for those who face barriers to securing safe and enriching home and work spaces.
Trenda Loftin


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