Amy Gallo on How to Work with Anyone [Even Difficult People]

How to Work with Anyone [Even Difficult People]

S3E11 Amy Gallo on How to Work with Anyone [Even Difficult People]

September 13, 2022

On today’s episode, Daniel Goleman and Amy Gallo discuss Gallo’s new book, Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People). This is a must listen for anyone who has ever had a job. Gallo identifies eight types of difficult people and shares how you might deal with insecure managers, passive aggressive people and other folks who keep us up at night.

Our Guests

Amy Gallo

Amy Gallo is a workplace expert who writes and speaks about gender, interpersonal dynamics, difficult conversations, feedback, and effective communication. She works with individuals and teams to help them better collaborate, communicate, and transform their culture to support dissent and debate.

Gallo is the author of Getting Along: How to Work with Anyone (Even Difficult People) and The HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict.

Amy also co-hosts the Women at Work podcast, and is a contributing editor at Harvard Business Review, where she writes about workplace dynamics.

She has taught at Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of both Brown and Yale University.



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