Mindful Filter

Are we living in the moment – or just recording and sharing arbitrary experiences on social media?

One of the many benefits of mindfulness is how easily we can incorporate a present-minded awareness into any daily activity. How we use social media and our mobile phones can sometimes feel robotic and automated.

Our new social experiment, MindfulFilter, is an opportunity to pay more attention to how we use and interact with technology and social media through something we do regularly – taking and sharing photos.

It’s easy to participate.

Every Monday, we’ll announce the week’s MindfulFilter theme with a series of photos on our Instagram feed.  Join the week’s conversation by taking and posting photos to your Instagram account. Use #mindfulfilter in the description. Write a brief description about how mindfulness played a role in your post.

Every Friday, we’ll share select images that best resonate with the week’s theme on our site, and on our other social media feeds.

Once a month we’ll choose a “Featured Filter” contributor. You could receive a free audio download, CD or book.