Preview the Leadership: A Master Class Training Guide


A Special Invitation to Preview Leadership: A Master Class Training Guide

We think the Leadership: A Master Class video series and training materials speak for themselves. To help you decide whether to invest in this comprehensive training program, we invite you to take it for a test drive. Watch video clips, review the extensive training materials, evaluate how you could use this flexible and powerful program in your leadership development work.



Watch excerpts of Leadership: A Master Class videos

These video excerpts will give you a taste of what you’ll find in Leadership: A Master Class Training Guide videos. To see the list of excerpts, click on the Playlist icon in the upper left corner of the image below.

Why this program?

  • Extensive: This training program incorporates the work of 10 experts including Daniel Goleman, Warren Bennis, Peter Senge, Teresa AmabileGeorge Kohlrieser, Bill George, and more.
  • Adaptable: For use in a wide range of formats:
    A comprehensive nine-section training program for a group
    A self-directed study course for an individual
    As a stand-alone course
    Incorporated into existing leadership courses
    As the basis for one-on-one coaching
  • Scalable: Can be used by one or an infinite number of participants
  • For Any Organizational Setting: From small firm to Fortune 500, local or global, non-profits

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