What Makes a Leader?

What is leadership? How are leaders developed? Am I an effective leader?

At More Than Sound, we offer leadership development tools for professionals at every level. Our material will help you understand why individual leadership skills matter – and how to develop them. Our team of internationally recognized authors, educators and scientists represent a range of disciplines that, together, form an emotional intelligence-based approach to leadership development.

We strive to continually deepen the understanding of three simple questions:

  • What skills are a part of positive and effective leadership?
  • Why is each skill important?
  • How is each leadership skill developed?

Everybody can become a leader. But, leadership skills need to be developed with care and attention. We offer science-based practices and draw from contemplative traditions to cultivate the qualities of leadership. This development leads to increased satisfaction and better results at work and in our personal life. It is the foundation of emotional and social leadership.

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About More Than Sound

More Than Sound is a source for knowledge and tools to cultivate the qualities of leadership for personal and professional development. We work with leading authors, researchers, and practitioners to offer the most effective approach to improving each leadership competency.

Our contributors include Daniel Goleman, author of What Makes a Leader, Richard Boyatzis, Daniel Siegel and many more. Understanding why and how individual leadership skills are developed from a social and scientific standpoint leads to realizing your highest potential and achieving your peak performance.

We offer a variety of multimedia development tools to human resources departments, colleges and universities, small businesses and professionals looking to improve organizational and individual leadership skills. From recent graduates looking to develop a leadership-oriented skill set to C-level professionals, we’re ready to help.

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