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Brainpower Mindsight and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Here is an Exclusive Brainpower Excerpt

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Insights Behind the Brain Science of Leadership Development Training

These video excerpts will give you a taste of what you’ll find in the Brainpower: Mindsight and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership videos. To see the list of excerpts, click on the Playlist icon in the upper left corner of the image below.

The Brainpower video series provides leaders, executive coaches, management consultants, and HR professionals with a science basis for their leadership development work. This groundbreaking series offers a first-ever systemic survey of how the brain impacts performance in effective leadership.


Why Use Brainpower in Your Leadership Training?

  • Bring Engaging Experts to the Training Room
  • Integrate the Why with the How of Emotional Intelligence
  • Adapt for one-on-one coaching or any size group or type of organization

Brainpower: Harness the Power of Self-Awareness introduces the brain science behind Mindsight and emotional intelligence and explores ways leaders can use self-awareness as a building block for professional development.

Brainpower: Manage Your Emotions examines the brain science behind the self-regulation component of emotional intelligence and explores the integrated perspective of Mindsight.

Brainpower: Lead With Empathy describes the brain science behind empathy, a key component of emotional intelligence and Mindsight.

Brainpower: Build Resonant Leadership integrates the skills of emotional intelligence and Mindsight to develop a systems perspective and resonant leadership.

Brainpower Video4: Leadership from the Inside Out

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