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The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System

Join us in April for Dawa Tarchin Phillips’ webinar series The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System.

The Mindful Leadership Breakthrough System is designed to help executives and leadership development professionals apply mindfulness principles to overcome common internal and external barriers to presence, productivity and performance.

The live webcast series is developed and hosted by Dawa Tarchin Phillips, a mindful leadership expert, author, coach and classically trained senior meditation teacher. Phillips’s business acumen and deep understanding of meditation techniques and mind training allow him to deliver a unique coaching program to address challenges facing 21st century leaders. Each webcast includes a Q&A with Phillips.

The series is available as two separate programs, or as a complete seven-part offering. Managing Internal Obstacles, Mastering Your Inner Game is a four-part program. Managing External Obstacles, Mastering Your Outer Game is a three-part program. Together, they are a full seven-part series. Streaming access to recordings of each broadcast will be available to all registrants shortly after each webinar.